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    personal & small business
    "Since we started using shayre’s easy
    point-to-point data sharing software,
    files between the offices are always

fast and reliable
easy to use
very large file sizes ok
your own personal network
no cloud needed
safe and secure
File Shayre
how to
Simply drag-and-drop files into a shayre folder and go about your life.
They'll automatically go where you want them to go, completely unattended.
How To Shayre

why shayre?

shayre does it all!

shayre seamlessly connects you with one or more computers across platforms and around the globe. It’s like having your own private network.
No watching progress bars or spinning beach balls to make sure your files “uploaded” because there is no uploading. No timeouts or re-dos. And no worries about needing to buy more cloud storage, ever.
Where email and other file sharing programs don’t work, shayre will get it done as fast as possible.
shayre is constantly checking for a connection. If your network goes down, shayre will pick up right where it left off when you connect again.
If you need to back up to the cloud, shayre can do that automatically as well.
Why Shayre
why me?
I need fast
I need easy
I need secure
I need reliable
I need inexpensive
but, I don't need a cloud

why no cloud?

You don't need the cloud or its limitations.

Or its ever-increasing storage costs

Or its security and hacking vulnerabilities

They are your files, you have a right to know where they are.

Because with shayre, there are no practical limits.

Works with very large file sizes

No limits on connected computers worldwide

No security concerns. Your files are secured by full AES 256-bit encryption. shayre directly connects with all of your colleagues, friends and family – everywhere. Simply drag and drop into a shayre folder and go about your life.
 Why No Cloud

why us?

We like our friends and families.

Technology should free our minds, not clutter them.

At shayre, we are a group of like-minded individuals who want to get back to our friends and family, not always back to more work.

We create tech to make your life easier. That’s why we created shayre to revolve around you, your needs, and your quality of life.

Forget about the old upload/park in the cloud/download process.

Just shayre and get on with your life.


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