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    secure, no-cloud, fast, file sharing
    HIPAA compliant
    healthcare IT friendly
    simple intuitive operation
    coordinated care and clinical management
    advanced administrative control

HIPAA and regulatory compliant

With shayre, security and privacy are of paramount importance. Using a public key infrastructure, data is encrypted for the specific target using AES 256-bit encryption, providing end-to-end protection. Data is never stored nor cached on cloud servers.
With robust reporting capabilities, proof of delivery and auditing are greatly improved. Requirements for manual sign-offs may now be automated with electronic audit evidence.

healthcare IT friendly

shayre takes the insecure cloud out of the equation. In fact, your data does not need to be stored in the cloud. It’s simply transferred from one point to another, without any firewall pinholes or modifications to existing file structures. Your current file and folder access controls remain intact. shayre uses an optimized tcp stack with minimal network impact. It’s a simple but fully integrated solution for maximum interoperability.
IT Friendly

simple intuitive operation

Just drag-and-drop (or copy-and-paste) your discrete data into a shayre folder and off it goes to its destinations. There is no uploading or downloading - shayre works continuously in the background. If your network interrupts or goes down, sync resumes automatically with no need to restart. Operation is so simple there are no technical skills or training required.
Whether for internal use or to communicate with third parties, use shayre to move important PHI or other data files, to replace the fax machine, or to even customize into existing workflows. It’s simple and thoughtful and use cases are endless.

coordinated care
and clinical management

shayre contributes to the 21st Century Cures Act and interoperability. Sharing health information is made simple and secure. shayre improves efficiency and harmonizes information both internally and externally. Deliver critical care management directives in a better way, enable doctors to render opinions more effectively, and empower patients to be more engaged with their health.
Connections for imaging and rich media files are expedited, claims data can be streamlined between payors and providers, and research centers are enriched with enhanced collaboration. These are just a few examples of how shayre will more effectively coordinate care and management for you.
Coordinated Care

advanced administrative control

license portability for easy flexibility
2-factor authentication
enhanced audit trails and reporting
sms and email notifications