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    finance & legal
    robust and simple file organization
    customized private network
    secure and easy sharing of data
    streamlined workflows
    improve data exchange internally and with clients

robust and simple

file transferring and organization

Easy setup of folder hierarchies between your staff and clients. shayre solutions provide for sending and synchronizing of unlimited files and unlimited data sizes. Simply copy and paste a file, or a folder with subfolders and files, into a shayre folder and all your intended connections will have a mirror of the files and folders on their desktop. Continuously automatic updating means that everyone will always have the latest set of documents in their files . No need for everyone to create their own hierarchy of files.
shayre works with all file types. Easily shayre financial records, tax returns, excel files, powerpoints, pdfs, proprietary software, system files, etc.
Robust And Simple File Transferring And Organization

customized network
for secure and easy sharing of data

  • shayre allows you to create your own file-sharing networks, anywhere in the world
  • shayre utilizes simple and familiar organization of files and data
  • Military-grade encryption means your data is secure during the file sharing process
  • If the network has a disruption, shayre will automatically pick up where it left off
  • No need to sit around and wait for timeouts, the files just get there automatically
  • No uploading or downloading
  • Files and data remain with you and your clients - no cloud is necessary
Customized Network For Secure And Easy Sharing Of Data


Use shayre to improve procedures and make reviews, approvals and organization more efficient among your own staff. Or, establish a secure repository and network for due diligence, client communications and critical document sharing. Always keeps connected network current and automatic document control and file versioning is instant to all parties. Import and export seamlessly into your existing financial and legal systems. Remove files and data when done.
Streamlined Workflows

improve data exchange
both internally and with clients

CPA firms
law practices
business management
finance, accounting and legal departments
litigation support
investment banking
private equity
M&A and transaction support
Improve Data Exchange Both Internally And With Clients