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    MPAA / TPN compliant
    replaces satellite distribution
    automates repetitive workflows
    facilitates connections to remote locations
    unprecedented reach

unprecedented reach

"Before using shayre, we could only get our late-night talk show topical spots to 28% of our stations. Now, with shayre being essentially the “last mile”, our nightly spots make air on every single affiliate station on the network. In fact, now we are transitioning all of our network programming show spots off of our daily satellite feed that we have used for over 50 years! Imagine the savings there..."
--Major network marketing executive
Unprecedented Reach

studio media
managed easy

Being TPN compliant, shayre will automatically localize media assets across secure facilities enabling continuous remote creative collaborations. shayre is compatible throughout your internal and external networks taking full advantage of your current and future SAN and NAS storage system environments. shayre facilitates local deliveries as well as worldwide distribution without the need for cloud storage.
Studio Media Managed Easy


With military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, shayre keeps your media safe from end to end. Requiring no firewall pinholes opened, shayre reaches out with a public key infrastructure. An optimized TCP stack ensures that shayre will play nicely with your network.
IT / INFOSEC friendly

state of the art sync

Using block-level synchronization, shayre will auto-resume after any network interruption even if your assistant closes their laptop and goes to another Starbucks. As soon as their system reconnects to a network, the transfers resume right where they left off. You never have to restart a transfer.
shayre only syncs the changed blocks in files that have already been delivered making for massively faster re-deliveries of files with "just a tweak."
Export your files to a shayre folder and delivery begins automatically. There’s no traditional uploading or downloading to manage or wait for.
State Of The Art Sync