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    direct point-to-point transfer of data files
    images, audio and any file type
    no technical skills required to learn and use
    automatic resume following network disruption
    AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption
    interoperable with existing IT infrastructure
    enhanced notifications & auditing features

direct file transfer
no cloud required

Transfer and/or synchronize files and data between one or more points without them ever being stored in the cloud. With unlimited file sizes and unlimited points of connection, data types of any kind easily make the journey, including images, audio, data and any other file type.
Data Synchronization And Distribution

simple to learn, simple to use

With automated, run in the background functionality, no technical skills are required to get set up and going with shayre. Instantaneously begin moving your files by familiar drag-and-drop into a folder and that's it. shayre automatically gets the file to where it is intended to go.
Dont worry about timeouts or do-overs. If there is any network disruption or downtime during a file transfer, shayre will automatically resume transfer where it left off. Using block level synchronization, data transfer completion and reliability are best in class.
Infosec Friendly

way more secure than the cloud

Files are secured end-to-end with AES 256-bit encryption - shayre does not use the cloud to house data. Eliminate the security vulnerabilities that exist with cloud-base file transfer and storage solutions. shayre is compliant with both HIPAA and TPN guidelines as well as standards used by reputable ecommerce companies and financial institutions.
Advanced Administrative Control

efficient with infrastructure
compliance friendly

Interoperable with existing IT infrastructures, including Linux, Windows and Mac. Easy and cost effective to fit into current workflows and systems. No need to do an expensive and time-consuming rip-and-replace project. shayre replaces manual processes with a more efficient result that reduces current human mistakes.
Get real time notifications of data transfer and connection activity via SMS text messages or emails. Daily, weekly or monthly .csv file digests means audit and regulatory compliance requirements are easily tracked and satisfied.
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