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    technology overview

data transfer and synchronization

  • Software application designed for unlimited folder and device synchronization.

  • Utilizes an optimized TCP stack for high network performance with minimal impact on system resources.

  • Does not have limitations or issues related to the “cloud”. Instead, shayre automatically and immediately transfers and syncs data point-to-point without any uploading or downloading in the cloud. Files are delivered directly to the destination file system in a predetermined location that can be the exact location that the files need to be executed from. This transfer ensures identical file delivery by utilizing consistent, always-running synchronization instead of just one-way transfer. By not transferring through central servers with temporary storage limitations and transfer restrictions, shayre 's direct point-to-point transfer mechanism enables users to transfer all image, sound, and associated data file types for any payload size.

  • Normal user functions have been reduced to functions that require virtually no technical skills. The slightly more complex configuration, monitoring, and management functions are reduced to a single stand-alone application and can be restricted to administrators.

  • Incredibly flexible in its configuration capabilities, it provides users with the ability to create custom folder-specific workflows to easily manage what content is shared/distributed to destinations around the globe.

  • Block level synchronization allows for automatic recovery following interrupted transfer service due to network interruption, machine downtime, or for any other reason. Synchronization resumes from where it left off prior to the interruption. This is a major advantage compared to cloud-based solutions which will often require the upload or download to restart from the beginning after an interruption.

  • Point-to-point or point-to-many-point synchronization eliminates the need for manual intervention requirements to receive files that have been sent.

  • Always running as a background process, it is a cross-platform solution supporting Mac, Windows, and Linux.

  • There are no limitations as to file size, number of files, destination points or locations.

  • Security of data in transit is a key element of shayre. All data is encrypted while in transit, utilizing AES 256-bit encryption. The lack of any required centralized storage to cache data between destinations is a level of security unmatched in the industry.

  • Low cost and a viable option to replace competitor technologies.