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About Us

shayre has one mission in mind, to continually provide solutions that enhance people’s ability to connect, share and improve their quality of life. There are a number of file transfer and data solutions out there. But none of them check all of the favorable boxes in the way that shayre does. Sure, you can use email to send some simple files and information off to one or many people, but you can’t send too many photos or videos, nor do you want to send sensitive information that way. You can also subscribe to certain software providers who will let you funnel your files and data through their cloud services at arguably reasonable prices, but for only so much data and usually you end up dealing with spinning balls, endless status bars, timeouts and restarts. And then, for the more sophisticated users and needs, you can pay for high priced solutions that, still, have a number of complications and limitations. In nearly all of these other cases, the way you send your files and data from point A to point B are with solutions that use the vulnerable “cloud”, technically doing uploading and downloading. We think the cloud is a big problem in terms of security, file size limitations, speed performance, administrative headaches, complexities and cost. All you want to do is simply get your information from one place to another, perhaps share a synchronized folder/file structure, and not really have to worry about it. Why can’t it be better?

Our company has developed shayre, a proprietary software that directly moves files and data from one point to another or from one point to many points. Files are not uploaded or stored into the cloud and they are automatically encrypted for transfer as secure as the technology used in the banking and military systems. We move as many files, of any size, to as many people as you would like. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s just a simple software that is as easy to use as dragging and dropping (or cutting and pasting) a file into a familiar folder on your computer. Keep your files automatically in harmony with those others that you want to share it with. Whether you are someone just wanting to share your photos or documents with your close friends or a large enterprise looking for a superior workflow solution to complex data transfer needs, shayre does it all. Let us take the headaches out of file transferring. We have a lifetime worth of experience in doing this stuff. File transferring is not something you should have to worry about. With shayre, it’s just that easy.

shayre‘s customers are among the universe of individuals that make our world great, the millions of small businesses, and Fortune 100 companies. Come see how easy it is to shayre.