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Account Management Overview
shayre is a secure, cloud-free, high-speed file and folder sharing application. It provides fully encrypted multi-point and point-to-point connections, making it an ideal file sharing solution for environments ranging from personal and small business up to large enterprises in industries such as healthcare, entertainment, legal and finance.
This Overview document provides a description of the administrative interface of the shayre application. Users with a designated role of Owner have full administrative rights within in their designated account, including the following capabilities:
  • Editing account details (such as company address and phone number)
  • Adding and deleting users
  • Editing user data
  • Viewing license information
  • Monitoring connected devices
  • Monitoring event activity

Owners have access to these administrative functions through a web-based interface, as outlined in the sections below.
Owner Interface
Users accessing shayre with an assigned role of Owner will log directly into the account page as seen below in Figure 1. From this page users can perform all available administrative functions, as described below.
Figure 1: Owner Interface
Editing Account Data
By clicking on the Change button, as seen in Figure 1 (above), Owners can access and modify general account information (see Figure 2).
Figure 2: Edit Account Screen
Adding a User
Clicking on the add symbol (+) in the user tab of the account screen will allow users designated as an Owner to add additional users, as desired, to their account. Owners can add new users to their account by simply filling in all required fields and clicking Save. Figure 3 provides an overview of this interface.
Figure 3: Add User Interface.
The User Type drop-down box allows Owners to choose the new user’s role. Selections include (see Table 1 for a detailed list of capabilities):
  • Owner (can perform any administrative function within the company account)
  • Finance (manages payments, billing details, etc.)
  • Editing user data
  • Tech (manages devices, responsible for managing and auditing users)
  • User (can log into the shayre gateway to see sync events and set up notifications)
  • Notifications Only (has access to the web interface to administer their notification preferences. They do not have access to log into the shayre client application)

    Owner Tech Finance User Notifications Only
View Organization Information  
Edit Organization Information  
View Organization Users List  
Add Organization Users  
Edit User Data  
View Organization Licenses  
Add Organization Licenses (purchase)  
Edit Organization Licenses  
View Organization Devices  
Add Organization Devices  
Edit Organization Devices  
View Organization Events  
View User Notification Settings  
View Organization Users List  
Edit User Notification Settings  
View My Notification Settings  
Edit My Notifications Settings  
Reset My Password  
Reset All Organization User's Passwords  
Register Device  

Table 1: Functionality by Role
Modifying User Settings
Owners have the ability to edit the settings of existing users from the Edit User screen (see Figure 4 below), which is accessed by clicking on the pencil icon located in the User tab. Owners can modify a user’s settings by editing the data in any available field and clicking the Save button.
Figure 4: Edit User Screen
Deleting a User
Users can be deleted from an account simply by clicking the trashcan icon on the far right hand side of the User tab, as pictured below.
Figure 5: Delete User Icon
Clicking the delete user icon will result in the pop-up confirmation box shown in Figure 6. Clicking OK in this box will delete the selected user from the account.
Figure 6: User Deletion Confirmation
Adding License Information
Accessing the Licenses tab of the account page allows users to see a list of all active licenses associated with that account. See Figure 7 below.
Figure 7: Licenses Tab
Clicking on the add symbol (+) in the licenses tab allows an Owner to add additional licenses, as needed, to their account. Figure 8 provides an overview of this interface.
Deleting Licenses
Licenses can be deleted from an account simply by clicking the trashcan icon on the far right hand side of the Licenses tab, as pictured below.
Figure 9: Delete License Interface
Clicking the delete License icon will result in the pop-up confirmation box shown in Figure 10. Clicking OK in this box will delete the selected license information from the account.
Figure 10: Delete License Confirmation
Monitoring Devices
The Devices tab of the account management interface allows Owners to view data regarding all devices connected to the shayre account. Data available from this tab includes:
  • Device’s Status
  • Device’s MAC Address
  • Name of the device
  • Status of the device (i.e. the device’s license status)
  • The date and time the device was last seen on shayre
  • The date of the most recent update to the device

Figure 11: Devices Tab
Monitoring Events
Owners can review the activity of all devices associated with their account from the Events tab, which allows users to see the type of all activity/events (e.g. device connection, disconnection, etc.), the name of the device performing the activity, and the day and time of the event. Figure 12, below, provides an example of the type of content available from this tab.
Figure 12: Events Tab