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Hate Using "Big Box" Cloud solutions?

By Chris Monte, Co-Founder and CEO, shayre

You are not alone.

So, you want to have all of your files at your fingertips exactly when you need them? That sounds reasonable, but kind of like a dream. The big box solutions would tell you to employ the cloud in order to achieve that end. Well, okay, that doesnt seem like it should be too much of a problem except that it really is.


First, lets back up just a little. Why the cloud? The only solid reason that you need to consider the cloud is because the file(s) that you want to share are too large to send through email, right? Well, that is what you are told, and alas, here we are.

"Now, what am I going to do? This needs to get there by morning and I already missed the FedEx cut off. Ugh!"

Does that sound familiar?

How about secure FTP? There is always that! Except FTP clients are slow and cumbersome, and still require IT knowledge that few regular workers have in their home office. For today, we are going to skip the FTP-era solution phase because none of us have the time or IT department to deal with building and maintaining and securing an IT infrastructure especially while in COVID-19 WFH mode.

Enter, the cloud solutions: Big Box storage, one-way senders and the enterprise versions of file transfers that make you have specific hardware and IT support to open firewall ports. Good luck getting the IT department in any corporate environment such as your film studio, finance, healthcare or law office, to open any port on a firewall for any reason these days. It just doesnt happen.

From the big boxers, you have to "rent" storage in a cloud to store all of your documents and it seems like you never, ever have enough. They are always trying to sell you more. Then, you wonder, how much do I actually need anyway? Additionally, some of your files will still be too big to send to the cloud. Wasnt this why we were forced down this path in the first place?

How did we get back here again?

Anyhow, once you "upload" your documents to the cloud, your friend gets a link to "download" the file(s). But, keep your fingers crossed that you dont lose internet or network access in the upload or download process, because if you do, then youll need to start all over again on the upload and/or download side possibly both! In addition, volumes haven been written on security vulnerabilities in the cloud. News continues to pour out almost every day about the lack of safety in these environments. You can decide if you want to place your data into a suspended weather mass.

How about those one-way senders like WeTransfer and Hightail? Not a bad solution if you mostly do "one-off" sending to lots of different people. But, you still need a cloud storage vessel (included) and you are subjected to do-overs if your network goes south during upload or download. You still have file size limitations, and the process is very manual and generally one at a time if the payloads are even slightly different. So, if you dont have a lot to do, and only need to periodically send smaller files to a few people, this is a simple cost-effective solution.

But what happens if you have a regular person or group of people that you need to share files with one-way or bi-directionally under tight deadlines? Or maybe you have to distribute large files to a many different locations quite often. It would take half of your day to queue and upload and babysit cloud solution connections.


What if you could be securely and directly connected to the destinations that you share files with on a regular basis, but would not need to create or maintain a VPN with those locations? Better yet, what if you could use the open internet while taking advantage of state-of-the-art encryption? But you say that you have huge files or even millions of files to share? And while we are asking, can we do all of this file transportation movement in the background automatically with no manual intervention? Oh, and you might as well be able to integrate it into our current automation systems.

"Hello? Are you crazy? Do all that with all of your team members on a COVID-times budget? Yeah right!"

Well, "yeah" is right. There is a new solution that does exactly all of that with none of the drawbacks of the cloud or the one-way senders and at a fraction of the cost of the Big Box enterprise solutions. shayre, is a point to (multi-point) file shayre-ing solution that solves all of these problems and keeps track of all of the data for your audit departments without storing your files in a cloud. Easy, yes. Simple, yes. Secure, absolutely. shayre is even HIPAA compliant while being tried, tested and depended on in Global Fortune 100 enterprises.

There are choices now that can tailor to your needs. The main object is to have all the files that you need, current in their data, at your fingertips, so that you can do your work wherever you happen to be. If the cloud solutions or the one-way senders serve your purposes, great. But, if youd like to cut out the middleman costs and the time it takes to park your files in the cloud, perhaps a direct connect is the best solution for you.

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About Chris Monte:

Chris Monte serves as Co-Founder and CEO of shayre. Since the companys inception in 2018, Monte has been integral to establishing shayres roadmap, bringing the secure file sharing application to life and spearheading its full-scale launch in 2020. Monte oversees product development, creative strategy, sales and marketing, and operations. He is a life-long entrepreneur with decades of experience in high-level roles across entertainment, video production, editorial and broadcast media, corporate communications, workflow management, data processing and more. He pioneered the slash-generation wearing many hats to build a work/life balance that fulfills both financial and creative needs with the aim to help others find the same.