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    "With the flexibility of integration,
    I was able to eliminate a lot of
    my time-consuming headaches
    and deliver information faster..."

data synchronization
and distribution

Whether you need a one-way push or two-way file synchronization, shayre completes your unlimited point-to-point or point-to-multipoint deliveries with as much bandwidth as you want to give it, quickly and efficiently. There are no boundaries as shayre works seamlessly across all public networks worldwide.
Data Synchronization And Distribution

infosec friendly

With military-grade AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption and complying with TPN and HIPAA guidelines, shayre seamlessly integrates into enterprise infrastructures requiring no firewall pinholes.
Platform agnostic, shayre fully and automatically interoperates with MAC, Windows and Linux systems freely utilizing on-prem or remote network storage. In addition, shayre’s optimized TCP stack has minimal impact on your enterprise network.
Infosec Friendly

administrative control

Utilizing enhanced traffic auditing and reporting, shayre ensures up-to-the minute notifications so accountability stays within proper infosec guidelines. You can choose real time emails, SMS texts and/or historical digests of activity on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Advanced Administrative Control


Being virtual machine compatible, requiring no cloud storage or egress fees, shayre keeps a tight hold on operating costs. Easy license portability allows your organization to maximize flexibility while leveraging your existing IT infrastructure.
Opex Economics


shayre is flexible, allowing integration to eliminate labor intensive, repetitive tasks. shayre creates efficiencies and can be customized to work with your current systems.
Streamlined Solutions


With drag and drop, no uploading or downloading and completely automated background operation, no technical skills are required. Auto-resume functionality means transfers pick up exactly where they left off during a network disruption without re-dos or start-overs. And, shayre will never tell you that you need to buy more cloud storage.
User Friendly

Healthcare Professional? HIPAA Seal shayre is fully HIPAA compliant