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shayre does it for you.

Create your own private network for you and all of your peeps.
shayre seamlessly connects you with one or more computers.
Across platforms or across the globe.

Because shayre revolves around you, it lets you forget about the old transfer process and just “gets it done” while you are doing something else - completely hands-free - in the background.

No watching progress bars or spinning beach balls to make sure your files “uploaded”.  And no timeouts or re-dos.


shayre is constantly checking for a connection. So, even if your network goes down, or you have to close your laptop and go somewhere else, shayre will pick up right where it left off when you connect again. 


  • I need fast, secure file shayring

  • I need inexpensive

  • I need easy & effortless

  • I need automatic

  • I need it when I need it

  • I need it now

  • I can't wait 

  • I don't trust the cloud

  • I need reliablility

  • I need compliance

  • I need IT friendly

Clean Officespace

no limits, really?

Totally unlimited, really!

No file size limits
No limit to the number of files
No limit to the number of connected computers

how to

Simply place file(s) in a "shayred" folder and go about your life or work. They'll automatically go where you want them to go, completely unattended.

Group Meeting

no cloud?

Everyone else has a cloud...

y buy cloud storage when you don’t need it.

you know where your files are and where you want them to be.

Let shayre get them where they need to go automatically, without giving it another thought.


We promise you’ll never see “your cloud storage is full – buy more now to access your files!”


The cloud taught us how to upload and download.

(You also learned how to roll the window up and down in your grandparents' car.

It doesn’t mean you still have to do it!)


Forget the cloud!

However, if you insist, you can shayre files to the cloud for back-up in the same shayre-o-matic way!

Creative Working


"I wish we could get all of our content this way."

Major network - owned and operated network administrator



We like our friends and families.

We make tech to make your life easier, not more complicated. Technology should free our minds, not clutter them.
We are a group of like-minded individuals who want to get back to our lives, not always back to work.

Because shayre revolves around you. It lets you forget about the old transfer process and just “gets it done” while you are doing something else. shayre also “connects your dots.”

Help Center

Answers You Need

InfoSec check boxes

  • MPAA/ TPN Compliance

  • HIPPA / HITECH Compliance

  • AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption

  • Block level file transfer protocol

How do I share with my friends and co-workers?

Like a phone, everyone needs one. A shayre application has a personal identifier that securely connects your computer with your friend or colleague’s computer. The connection is totally secure with today’s encryption standards. Download the app today and get shayre-ing.

How Can I Request a Demo?

Click here to send us a quick email. We will get back to you as soon as possible to set up a demo. Also, subscribe below to find out when new things are happening. 

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